Avoiding Low Class Window Treatments

When we have visitors over our house, it is important that your home reflect you personality.

For this reason, it is important to avoid low class window treatments. These are usually tacky or tasteless.

One type that is definitely not tacky is the wood window blinds. These can be made with basswood or faux wood. Regardless, they look nice.

Many people have sliding glass doors and the perfect window treatment for this situation is a vertical window blind. These are made of PVC.

Indoor solar shades are recommended if you want to keep your view to the outside while still blocking some of the light out.

If you don’t care about keeping your view, you can go with room darkening shades which are also called blackouts. These don’t allow any light through.

Any one of these can be made automatic. They would be motorized and that adds to the cost but definitely makes them a pleasure to own.

In the end, your window shades should be appealing to you but its also important that they are not low class.

One of the classiest styles available are custom roman shades made with all kinds of fabrics.

You can even have them made with woven wood material. This material looks great and is good for the environment.

Getting Super High Class Window Blinds & More

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Having A Great Interior On A Budget


Low class interior design is an issue amongst some homes that we come across.

When we say low class, we mean that the designer or design firm that completed the project did not care about the outcome or the customer.

Professionals in the interior design field look down on these types of people.

Our customers are our livelihood and we should treat them with the most respect.

Some low class designers will lead customers to purchasing from certain companies because they get a bonus or commission from that type of sale. This leads to a compromised project.

Throughout the entire time, the customer has no idea what is going on.

He or she trusts their designer to offer them genuine advice and guide them to a better looking home.

Unfortunately, some low class designers don’t have this same view.

They would rather make a quick buck and get the job done as effortlessly as possible. Look out for those types of designers and firms. You can do a quick internet search on whoever you are thinking about hiring.

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